Funding Poultry Veterinary Activities

Grants and awards

The BVPA Trust Fund

The British Veterinary Poultry Association Trust Fund invites applications for:

  1. Support of up to £300 per applicant from UK based veterinarian and poultry scientists to enable them to attend the next WVPA Congress (one award available) - conditional on providing a report to the association on their return.

Those seeking Bursaries to attend meetings relevant to poultry health and production or in partial support of small research projects or "seeing practice", please see the Student Section

It is a condition of awards that a short report of the sponsored activity is provided. This should be supplied within 3 months of the event and/or period sponsored. It will become the property of the trust and may form the basis of an article in the BVPA newsletter. In addition or alternatively we may ask that a presentation on the subject be made at a BVPA meeting. The closing dates for applications are March 1st and November 1st.

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Completed form should be emailed to:

The Keith Gooderham Waterfowl Lecture

Keith Gooderham has been actively involved in poultry veterinary medicine in the UK and internationally for over 40 years and has always had a special interest in waterfowl.

In 2006 Keith proposed to BVPA the creation of a new award to encourage the study of problems relating to waterfowl production and the dissemination of information on this topic through the presentation of papers periodically at BVPA meetings. The inaugural lecture was given by Keith himself on March 16th 2007. The second lecture was given in March 2008 by Mr Frederic Grimaud, CEO of the breeding company Grimaud Freres on the topic "Past, Present and Future of Duck Breeding".

Your paper can deal with any area of 'Waterfowl Science' - disease, husbandry, nutrition, genetics and so on, and may represent an advancement in published knowledge or bringing together of knowledge as a review. The lecture will be scheduled in an appropriate BVPA meeting by the scientific programme secretary, and will normally be allocated about 30 minutes for presentation and questions. It is intended that the paper will be of publishable quality and that the various papers given in this category may, in due course, be drawn together for publication. The award will be made periodically by the trustees of the BVPA Trust Fund. This is not a formal competition, nor is there a closing date. It is also not restricted to current members of BVPA.

The prize may be varied from time to time but is initially intended to be £500 + necessary expenses to attend the BVPA meeting.

If you have an idea for a suitable paper then please download this

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Completed form should be emailed to:

The Houghton Trust International Travel Grants

The Houghton Trust receives royalties generated by the sale of the journal Avian Pathology. A fund has been established to provide grants to young research workers of any nationality for undertaking the following:

  1. Attendance and participation in scientific meetings.
  2. Short visits to laboratories for discussion and/or learning specific techniques.
  3. Attendance at appropriate training courses.

It is an absolute requirement that the grant will be used in furtherance of research on avian diseases. Applicants should normally be aged 35 or under.

Grants may be awarded in full or in part; most awards are for only part of the cost. Applicants are more likely to be successful if they can show that attempts have been made to obtain part of the funding from other sources, including their employer.

Potential applicants are advised to apply many months before the scientific meetings etc. If exact cost are not known then a good estimate should be given. The Houghton Trust Grants Subcommittee will consider applications on three occasions each year. The deadlines for applications are 14th of February, June and November.

Applications must be made on a form which is available from:

Susan Francis

The Trust is a company by guarantee, registered in England No. 1534794. Registered Office: Compton, Berkshire, RG20 7NN. Charity Commission Reference No. 281834