Constitution and rules of the BVPA

The Constitution of the British Veterinary Poultry Association

A PDF of these rules can be downloaded Here

Title of the Association:

The title of the Association shall be "The British Veterinary Poultry Association". All veterinarians interested in problems of poultry disease, welfare and husbandry shall be eligible for membership.

1. Aims and Objectives:

The object of the Association shall be to facilitate discussion and exchange of ideas amongst those engaged in the veterinary aspects of poultry disease, welfare and husbandry. The Association will where appropriate comment on and liaise with Government and non-Government Organizations on matters raised relating to poultry disease, welfare and husbandry. The Association’s scope will where possible encourage and support Members who are in the early stages of their career. The Association shall hold not less than two meetings each year, one of which shall be linked to the Annual General Meeting.

2. Membership:

  • Full Members. Full members shall be restricted to persons holding a veterinary qualification registrable in the United Kingdom who are full members of the British Veterinary Association. They shall have the right of voting on all matters and shall be eligible to hold office.
  • Associate Members: Associate membership shall be restricted to veterinarians who are not members of the British Veterinary Association, and to non-veterinarians. Non-veterinarians holding a recognised scientific qualification or who can show relevant experience and expertise in the area of poultry disease, welfare and husbandry may be accepted into associated membership provided that they are directly engaged in research, advisory work or teaching concerned with poultry disease, welfare and husbandry.. They shall have the right to vote on all matters except those directly pertaining to the British Veterinary Association. They shall not be eligible to hold office [except as Meetings Secretary which has no rights of Office which could influence the Association] but may be elected as members of the Committee. Associate Membership shall be proposed and seconded by a Full or Associate member and shall require the approval of the Committee.
  • Honorary Members: Honorary membership shall be restricted to eminent professional and scientific persons who have rendered distinguished service to the British Veterinary Poultry Association or to the Veterinary profession in the fields of poultry disease, welfare and husbandry. They shall be elected by the Annual General Meeting on the recommendation of the Committee. They may or may not vote or hold office unless they were previously members of the British Veterinary Poultry Association, in which case they have the rights of their previous membership category.

3. Membership Fee:

The annual membership subscription shall be decided from time to time by the Committee, and subscriptions shall be payable on each 1st of January. Membership and voting rights are forfeit in the case of members whose subscription is not paid before each annual General Meeting. Honorary Members shall not be required to pay a membership fee.

4. Office Bearers:

The Office of the Association shall be a President, Senior Vice President, Junior Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Meetings Secretary and Public Relations Officer, who shall (with the exception of the Secretary, Meetings Secretary, Treasurer and PRO) hold office for two years. The Secretary, Meetings Secretary, Treasurer and PRO on first appointment shall hold office for 2 two years and thereafter may be re-elected annually. The Senior Vice-President shall retire after his/her term of office and shall not be eligible for election to Committee, except as Secretary or Treasurer) until three years have elapsed.

5. Committee:

The Committee of the Association shall consist of the Officers of the Association (ex-officio) and up to four other elected members. Elected members shall hold office for three years from the date of their election. A retiring member may seek or be nominated for re-election for a second term alongside new applications.

6. Elected Representatives:

The following election to take place in time to be notified to the British Veterinary Association by 1 June of each year:- Representatives to Council, British Veterinary Association, according to the number prescribed from time to time by that Association, shall be elected annually at the Annual General Meeting of the Association. Retiring members are eligible for re-election.

7. Other Representation:

In accordance with the Aims and Objectives above, the Committee may elect Representatives, from within the Membership, to attend Meetings of the aforementioned Organizations where this is considered appropriate. Minutes of these meetings and or reports thereof will be submitted to Committee for consideration and will be attached to the Minutes of the Committee.

  • Members representing the Association should seek comment from the President or Committee on sensitive issues before expressing opinions in order to ensure these are in line with the views of the Association

8. Elections:

The election of Office bearers and Members of the Committee shall take place at the Annual General Meeting each year. Office bearers will take office after this meeting. If any Officer or Committee Member prematurely vacates office, an election to fill the vacancy will be held at the following Ordinary General Meeting. The member elected to fill the vacancy shall hold office until the Annual General Meeting following which they shall be eligible for re-election to the same office (or election to any other for which he is eligible) without account being taken of his/her temporary service. In the event of two or more vacancies occurring simultaneously amongst the elected Committee members, the order of retirement of the newly elected members to the Committee shall be determined by ballot.

9. Guests:

Members may invite guests who have been associated with the work under discussion:

  • For 'closed' meetings, details of the proposed guest and his or her association with the subject must be submitted, in writing to the Secretary or Secretariat who will consult with the President and speakers and inform the member whether or not it will be in order for him/her to bring a particular guest to a specific meeting.
  • The Committee may arrange, from time to time, meetings to which members may invite guests without prior approval. Such meetings shall be designated 'open'meetings and so described in all announcements.

10. Publication of Proceedings:

The proceedings of the closed meetings of the Association shall be confidential and shall be circulated to members only. Papers given must not be reproduced or quoted from, except by permission of the author, and a statement to this effect shall be made at the commencement of such meeting of the Association. A brief summary of the meetings may be reported in the "Veterinary Record", under BVA News, and the Public Relations Officer will submit reports to the President for approval before submission for publication. The proceedings of meetings designated 'open' may be reported provided the text of the intended publications are scrutinised by and agreed with, the Public Relations Officer.

11. Alteration to the Constitution:

Notice of any proposed alteration or amendment to the Constitution shall be submitted in writing to the Secretary at least one month before an Annual General Meeting. Such proposed alteration or amendments shall be included on the Agenda for that Annual General Meeting and shall be circulated to all members at least 14 days before the said meeting.

Agreed at BVPA AGM March 2018