BVPA student membership

Applicable to UK veterinary students, UK students studying veterinary medicine abroad or international students studying veterinary medicine in the UK.

What proof do we require?

  • Students must register with their university email address and supply a BVA membership number.
  • It is a member's responsibility to upgrade the contact information upon graduation.
  • Students must supply the name of a BVPA proposer or the name and contact details of a lecturer who will give reference if requested (if they do not know a BVPA member).
  • Students must state their expected date of graduation (month/year) on the form.

Student membership is free until the first renewal period following graduation (which occurs in January), at which time students must upgrade to full membership.

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Clinical EMS Support for Veterinary Undergraduates

BVPA are able to assist students in finding poultry clinical EMS placements and with financial assistance in undertaking poultry EMS

The application form has two maps; one illustrating where the majority of UK poultry production is and the other to be filled in by the applicant showing where he/she could feasibly travel to. BVPA is also able to provide some financial support to students for either EMS placement or to travel to BVPA meetings. Successful applicants may be asked to give a presentation to a BVPA meeting on their learnings from their placement.

Awards have typically been in the range of £250 per week up to a maximum of 2 weeks. The bursary is intended to assist with accommodation costs and receipts should be submitted to BVPA before the bursary is released.

It is a condition of all grant awards that all students submit a Knowledge Summary to BVPA on a topic relevant to their placement experience. Guidelines on how to write a Knowledge Summary are available from RCVS Knowledge

This must be submitted to in order for funds to be released. It will be uploaded to the BVPA website and be available to members only. The aim of this task is to ensure both\ the membership and students gain from these grants. Summaries should be supplied within 3 months of the event and/or period sponsored. It will become the property of the trust and may form the basis of an article in the BVPA newsletter. In addition, or alternatively, we may ask that a presentation on the subject be made at a BVPA meeting.

Applications will be reviewed by our committee at our Spring and Winter Meetings in March and November respectively. The closing dates for the review of applications are the 1st of February and 1st of October respectively.


Completed form should be emailed to:

An example of how EMS can help you:
Hannay, Isabella Aimee. “A Placement at a Dedicated Poultry Practice Was a Turning Point for Me.” Veterinary record 191.1 (2022): i–ii. Web.

Virtual EMS

During COVID the BVPA designed a virtual EMS placement.

This content remains available for students who are interested in a career in poultry. We recommend all students familiarise themselves with this content prior to commencing any poultry EMS placement to provide a good background in the industry and sense of what is to be expected on placement. Please click on the following link:


Research in poultry

If you are interested in undertaking research in poultry we recommend you attend one of our BVPA meetings and introduce yourself

Our attendees come from across our industry, from industry, pharmaceuticals, nutrition, research, academia and others. It is a great place to make contacts. Student grants are available to attend BVPA meetings as EMS. Please see the EMS section above for further details and the application form.

Careers Fair

If you would like BVPA to speak at your careers fair or other student event, either in-person or remotely, please contact us at BVPA Secretariat

“A day in the life of”

Please see the following links to articles written by poultry vets about their careers, published in the Veterinary Record journal.

  1. “Working with Commercial Poultry Offers a Varied and Stimulating Career.” Veterinary record 190.3 (2022): i–ii. Web.
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